AoW#19: Facebook – I “Like” me

Before this article I hadn’t really thought about how this may make people narcissistic I always just saw it as overemotional and needy. I rarely use my Facebook anymore because I just don’t have the time. However, when I do go on I use the website mainly as a place to keep my photos in order since I don’t have a computer myself and my dad prefers if I didn’t “junk up” his. I do think that some people on Facebook are narcissistic but I highly doubt that it turns people into narcissists  or that the majority on it are. Facebook is a place where people reconnect, share ideas and express themselves. I feel as if this isn’t narcissism but more of a dairy that anyone can read…kind of like a autobiography.  Yes, there are many people that are “my life sucks take pity on me” but if someone doesn’t want to put up with that they don’t have to; there’s always a “remove friend” button. Maybe it’s true, maybe everyone on there is a narcissist or will become one but I don’t see it that way.

AoW#18 USA- Up or Down?

I really am ashamed to admit this but I don’t know enough about this to write a solid response. The only thing I can really comment on is the AoW title. Although I’m currently undecided on whether or not it’s increasing or decreasing I do know that eventually it will increase. We are apart of a recession which, according to the business cycle, is normal to be in. The business cycle shows how economies generally go from peak, recession, trough, recovery, back to peak. Just take the Great Depression for example, no one thought it was ever going to get better but it eventually did. Yes, a great deal of the the recovery was due to WWII but this isn’t the only time the U.S. has been through economical hardships and recovered. I personally don’t feel the need to be scared because I know that at some point it will get better.

AoW #17 Smart now, drunk later

I don’t understand why these two things correlate. If it’s true though then there are going to be a lot of parents trying to find a new excuse to tell their kids why they shouldn’t drink. I thought that alcohol killed brain cells…apparently it’s the ones that don’t matter though. The reasons that the articles gave as to why this happens does make some sense to me. People trying to overcompensate for the years they lost being a kid is a perfectly plausible reason. Think about it, people that have given up their childhood and teen years were always stressed and uptight but alcohol helps loosen them up. Also, I’ve always heard that a glass of red wine everyday can help you in many different ways and I guess here is another one. Furthermore, after I read this article I started thinking about the most intelligent people I know and all of them drink. By drinking I don’t mean that they are alcoholics but that they have a few drinks occasionally. So this also raises the question is drinking really that bad for you? I guess only time will tell.

AoW #16: Where are YOU going?

Great. Another way adults find to complain about our generation. The people that wrote this article needs to realize it’s their generation who raised us. They also need to factor the cost of insurance, the cost of all of the training before the license and various other costs that spike up the price. Furthermore, ask any teenager what they want and they’ll say a car and a license but it doesn’t mean all of us can afford it. I’m lucky in the fact that my parents just bought me a car and are going to pay for gas and everything but so many others aren’t that lucky. What the authors of this article also need to understand is the enormous pressure that is set on us everyday to do good in school. Teenagers now a days are more focused on getting into a good college, getting a scholarship and being great in sports all the while trying to still be teens rather than who has the hottest car. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that not everyone fits into that category either but it’s one of the many various reasons teens aren’t “going” anywhere. Also, many of us don’t actually need to go anywhere because who is honestly going to turn down a free room, free food, free laundry and many other comforts of staying at home? You’d have to be crazy to do that. When “going” it’s not simply just driving around or moving to another place but it’s paying more bills, renting an apartment, buying your own food and most importantly, leaving the one’s you love. Lastly, please just drop the facebook argument, people your age are on it now too and it’s not even close to a logical reason. Some of barely have time to eat or sleep and you honestly think that I have time to fool around on facebook? Get a reality check.

OMM #6: I Got A Sunburn Today?

I am in love with this weather! Track started up this week so for the first time ever we actually got to go outside! That rarely ever happens within the first week so this is a rather nice change. Also, sunny weather always puts me in a fantastic mood and keeps me motivated during the day. With this new found motivation I have been able to finish all of my homework in record speed and get to bed on time. The only thing that concerns me about this weather is that over summer, if the jet stream doesn’t move, we could be in for some very high temperatures. Think about it, if it’s 70 in March what will it be like in July? Furthermore, think of how hot our school is going to get because normally it’s miserable in June but this might be 50 times worse. No matter what happens in summer I’m perfectly content right now.

On My Mind #5: Who does Rush Limbaugh think his?

I’ve had this on my mind for quite awhile and each time I think about it I get more upset. For those of you who don’t know what happened click here. What this article fails to mention and what Rush Limbaugh failed to research is what Sandra Fluke actually said. If you read Fluke’s speech the majority of it is about her friend who had been taking birth control to prevent her ovarian cysts from becoming large but had to stop taking it because her insurance refused to cover it. This same woman a few months later had to go to the emergency room because a massive cyst had grown in her ovary and had to have surgery to remove her ovary. If her insurance had continued to pay for her birth control she wouldn’t have had this problem. Could you imagine going through all of that pain knowing it could’ve been prevented? Fluke’s speech wasn’t because she’s “having so much sex she can’t afford contraception” (which by the way is a stupid comment in itself because you take one pill daily no matter what, it isn’t based on how much sex you have) and Limbaugh had no right to call her a slut even it was because of that.

Furthermore, did you know that Viagra is covered by insurances? Do you hear anything about in the news? No, of course not. Do you want to know why? Because there is a double standard so large that Mt. Everest can’t even see the end of it. So if you take birth control you are called a “slut” and a “prostitute” but using Viagra or a condom doesn’t make you anything but a man. Also, even my gynecologist hates calling it birth control pills because all they really are is hormone pills.

Lastly, Rush Limbaugh, telling women to “post the videos” doesn’t make you cool or funny it just makes you an old, fat creep.

On My Mind #4: The Shooting in Ohio

It’s honestly hard for me to even think about this topic without getting sick to my stomach. Why would someone want to take away someone’s life? No matter how much your life sucks why would someone turn to such a drastic measure? So far the cause for this shooting has not been released but there might be a connection to one of the guys who just started dating the shooter’s ex girlfriend. This shouldn’t be a reason to kill someone else though. The only thing I can think of as to why he would kill others is because he’s mentally unstable. Furthermore, this case in different than most school shootings because in almost all of them the killer has shot himself too but he didn’t. What’s also kind of strange is the fact that he didn’t say anything while shooting, he just remained silent the whole time.  The guy is 17 so currently he is considered a minor but since 3 people have already died because of him he will most likely be tried as an adult.

At the bottom of one of the articles I was reading it showed all of the k-12 shootings and the college shootings that have occurred in America. One of the most sickening shootings was a 6yr old shot another classmate. A 6yr old. Not a 16yr old but a 6yr old. This happened in 2000 and since he was so young at the time he never was tried. Think about it for a minute, that means that the boy is now 18. For most of us that’s only a year older than us if not, our age. Furthermore, since he was never tried that means he’s still somewhere on the streets looking like a normal teenager but is really a murder. That’s really frightening for me to think about. If the guy was crazy enough to shoot at the age of six what will stop him at the age of 18 or 26 or 53?

This is the article with all of the shootings at the bottom:;lst;5

This is a picture of the shooter:

He doesn’t look like a killer to me…goes to show that this really can be anyone.

AoW # 12: Is this the norm?

I would be lying if I said I didn’t laugh at this every time I watched it. Obviously I am appalled by this but that didn’t keep me from laughing for it was so pathetic. Quite honestly I think we should start giving out citizenship tests to natural born citizens! How scary is it that people from other countries might actually know more than the people in this country? I think my favorite answer out of all this was Utopia or Europe. Not only does Europe not start with a U it also isn’t a country! Oh goodness, the how many stars on the flag and what they stand for nearly killed me! Why did so many of them think it was 51? Do they think one magically just added on to our country?! Furthermore, no one could come up with the Revolutionary War? Are you kidding me? Did they pass third grade? Also, the one girl that said Canada was a state needs to be deported. Right now. After I watched this video I showed it to my brother, then my mom and then my dad. Each one were equally as appalled as I was. I then went on to YouTube to see some of the other comments and my favorite one was “Some kids are going to be doctors and lawyers, some are going to be strippers and drug addicts”. The worst part is that this video went viral so people in other countries are watching this and now stereotyping us because of these students. If you are going to be that stupid then do everyone a favor and never show your face again.

On My Mind: Is Sportsmanship gone?

So is it? Read this and tell me if you think it is. On Saturday my cousin Mikey, who is in 9th grade, went to the Section 4 Championship for wrestling. Mikey was up against a kid from Corning who throughout the season is the only one who has really given him a lot of trouble. Obviously Mikey was giving it his all during their match but his opponent was still beating him. All of a sudden his opponent did this one move that knocked Mikey out. When Mikey woke up the officials and the coaches told him that this disqualified his opponent and he would win and go on to States. Mikey told them no, that the other kid deserved to win because he was beating Mikey before he passed out. He knew that the other guy didn’t knock him out on purpose and he didn’t want to win based on a silly technicality. Everyone who knows about this act of kindness keeps telling him how great it was and yet Mikey doesn’t think much of it, to him he was just doing what he knew was right. This is why my current hero is someone who is two years younger than me and makes me believe that there is still some goodness in people.

AoW #11 Taxes coming on your sweet tooth?

I understand where the UN is coming from because sugar is terrible for everyone and maybe this will help. On the other hand I think that it is completely idiotic to think that the government can actually “regulate sugar” and outrageous that they are even trying. Yes, in many ways sugar is like a drug, most of America is addicted to sugar. For those of which think that that is impossible to be literally addicted to sugar think again and do some research. I’m not quite sure what the article means when it says sugar can be “abused” because I think that’s pretty impossible, it’s not like you can instantly die if you eat too much sugar. Furthermore, I believe it’s a choice to have sugar and if people really want it they will find a way to get it. Putting restrictions on sugar like it is a drug is never going to be passed and if it does I’m positive that the White House would have most of the country knocking at it’s door.